A word made out of cigarettes that is broken.

The doctor that has saved more lives than anyone else! Who is he? Luther Terry MD, the surgeon general of us who in 1962, finally forced the cigarette industry to include a warning saying smoking is dangerous to your health. The number of lives saved is probably in the 100 of thousands or even more.

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Benefits of a Sauna

A wooden room with benches and steps in it

The Sauna is a wonderful treatment developed in Scandinavia many years ago. The benefits are mainly sitting in a warm or hot steamy room which is quiet while wrapped in a towel if you prefer with no radio newspapers cell phones or announcements. It’s just a relaxing time. Something we all need. One variation is…

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Vitamin Use

A white background with the word vitamin written in different fruits.

If you could, would you go into a drugstore and take certain pharmaceuticals off the shelf because you thought you might have high blood pressure or diabetes or some such illness? Of course not, you would only take such powerful drugs under a doctor’s supervision. But vitamins and nutrients are very important for our health,…

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