Regenerative Cellular Therapy ( stem cells ) and Knee Pain

Many joints in your body such as hips, ankles, shoulders, and wrists can move in many directions, but not the knees. The knee is a hinge-like joint that moves in only one direction and is kept in alignment by many ligaments and tendons. Twisting the knee and athletic side blows cause devastating injuries by tearing and loosening support structures that keep the hinge aligned. When this happens the knee joint rapidly starts to deteriorate resulting in pain on movement and swelling of the knee area.

Regenerative cellular therapy (stem cells) is an in-office one-day procedure that has been extremely helpful in stimulating the body’s natural healing and repair, resulting in a return to almost, if not complete function, and avoiding major surgery. This is great for younger athletes but, even greater for the senior citizens for surgery and anesthesia represents an increased risk.

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