Immune Suppressing Drugs

Many patients are being advised to take some of the newer drugs in order to treat their Autoimmune Diseases such as Arthritis, Psoriasis, RA and others. They are effective at reducing the some of the symptoms. How do these drugs work and are there any side effects?

The answer is that these drugs act by suppressing immune system which reduces the symptoms therefore they make us more prone to infections and other side effects. It is not known what the long-term complications of these drugs May yet be. By suppressing the immune system with these drugs the underlying issue are not being solved.

Is there an alternative approach to these autoimmune conditions? I think so. It is the malfunctioning of our own immune system, in the first place, which misreads our tissues such as thyroid gland, joints, skin and others as foreign material. This malfunction is often the result of foreign and toxic material which is entered into our bodies from the environment. These toxins such as Lead, Mercury and other toxic metals can disrupt our DNA and alter the proper function of many of our bodies systems.
A much better and safer approach would be to test for the presence of various environmental toxins and remove them so as to allow our bodies to return to normal function. This is the purpose of Chelation Therapy which has been in effective use for well over 60 years. Although not emphasized in today’s health care, it remains the most effective and safe treatment in many conditions related to the environment. Chelation treatments should always be done under the supervision of an experienced medical doctor. Most of the detox formulas found on the internet, especially the oral ones have very little benefit in these situations.

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