Neural Therapy, Correcting the Internet

The internet seems to retain everything, old addresses, phone numbers etc., things we would like to forget or no longer need. But how do you erase them? Very difficult.

Our nervous system is very similar in that it retains more of our past than we always need. Old scars, injuries, even beneficial surgeries create local areas of scar tissue that continue to send impulses to our nervous system. These impulses of which we are unaware can result in uncomfortable or painful sensations either locally or at a distance and interfere with certain body functions. The result is pain or discomfort without any apparent cause.

Neural therapy is a technique developed in Germany in the 1920s which allows us to reset and correct these abnormal impulses, thus returning the body to its healthy and normal function and wipe out these annoying and painful sensations.

This is one of the many pain-reducing treatments this office offers. Please see the section on pain relief and call me if you have any questions.

By the way please don’t call my old office in Mount Kisco because I have not been there for the past 12 years.