Do you need Ozone or Oxygen?

The air we breathe has 18% oxygen that is two atoms of atomic oxygen stuck together, which is written as O2. The amount of oxygen getting into our bodies is carefully regulated by our lungs. Too little oxygen slows our metabolism down, but too much such as in hyperventilating can cause dizziness, numbness, and you may pass out.

Ozone is different because it has three atomic atoms of oxygen stuck together O3, which is an unstable and highly reactive molecule. Breathing in ozone is very dangerous to the lungs and cause almost immediate damage. But ozone has been used medically for about hundred years, especially in Europe. Given directly into the vein medically, it stimulates the immune system and helps to kill microorganisms in the body, such as bacteria and mold but especially viruses which are not affected by antibiotics. Please check our website for more beneficial uses of ozone, especially about viral infections such as herpes.

This office has over 20 years of experience in the proper use of ozone in fighting infections and supporting cancer patients undergoing immune suppression therapy.